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Children’s Day

BAE has celebrated Children’s Day under the slogan “Children – Our Future” in Durvuljin and Erdenekhairkhan soum, Zavkhan and spent 2 days with our future generation . Every child participating in the activity was given a gift and approximately 200 free photos of the children were taken and printed out directly for them. 

At the Day, three kinds of sport competitions: running, football, and table tennis among parents, as well as drawing and  concert contests were held in both soums. 400 children from Durvuljin and 200 from Erdenekhairkhan participated in the events.   The winners of sporting, drawing and concert competitions were awarded certificates and a voucher for a  7-day children’s camp, at Dayan Ochir in Uliastai, or cash prizes.  Also, they  were given Children’s mining books printed by BA.