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The Camel Festival

Durvuljin soum Governor and CRK have approved to initiate the program called “Camel festival-2016”. The purpose of the festival is to increase the number of two humped camels in Durvuljin soum, promote winter tourism and local herders to exchange their experience.

In frame of the program, “Camel Festival - 2016” will be held at Buga bagh, Durvuljin soum, Zavkhan province in 29th Jan, 2016 and SULD TV will broadcast the “Camel Festival-2016”.  

Camel festival program

1.  Opening ceremony

  • Reward new herder who has over a thousand livestock
  • Greetings from entities and team

2. Competitions

  • Camel parade, traditional competitions
  • Camel racing
  • Contest for best accessorized camel
  • Rewarding and closing ceremony