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Citizens’ public khural

In the framework of the community relations and cooperation, Bayan Airag Exploration LLC closely work with the community and the locals and regularly attend the Citizen’s Representative Khurals and Bagh Citizens Public Khurals for the purpose of presenting our company’s policies and operations to them,  providing information on company operation and making our activity plan by considering requests, complaints raised from the locals.

The Company has attended for 5 bagh’s Citizens Public Khurals (namely Buga, Buural, Onts, Tavantolgoi and Tsogt) in Durvuljin soum from 17th Jan, 2016 to 25th Jan, 2016 in order to present our annual operation report, to discuss with the citizens about cooperation plan in 2016 and to provide the community with answers to their questions.

Apart from N.Batbold, Soum Governor, and Ts.Tsolmon, Chairman of CRK, who were representing the Soum Governor Administration Office and Citizens Representative Khural, O.Demberel, head of Bayan Durvuljin Uguuch NGO, Munkhbat, police representative, and M.Altansukh, environmental ranger, representatives of Monrud LLC providing catering, laundry, cleaning services attended the meetings and presented their Company information and opportunities on procurement of meat and grocery from the local.

Around 300 citizens have participated in the 5 baghs meetings and mostly discussed the issues below:

  • Information on the development projects and investment made to the Soum, and their outcome;
  • Whether there was any cyanide leakage, the actions taken, and the results of inspections and laboratory tests;
  • Whether there is possibility to provide temporary jobs to the local students during their summer holiday;
  • Take considerable actions to control dust as dust issue becomes serious during summer time;
  • Increase employee’s salary; and so on.

Apart from the above issues, citizens from 4 baghs (Buga, Buural, Onts and Tavantolgoi) were intensively asking the two issues during the meeting.

1. to give monetary contribution to all remaining baghs through their cooperatives in the same way of Tsogt bagh’s cooperative; and

2.  to increase monetary investment up to the same rate of Tsogt bagh’s investment or to equally divide the total monetary investment to all 5 baghs. 

During the meeting, the baghs have decided to establish their cooperatives, to appoint their board members and chairman, and afterward to meet and discuss with management of Bayan Airag about opportunities of cooperation a month later.