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The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) and the Government of Mongolia have co-organized an annual ceremony of honoring the TOP-100 enterprises in Mongolia. Took place on April 27 in the State House, it was the 17th edition by the MNCCI alone and the 3rd edition together with the government.

The TOP-100 enterprises were named after a consideration of five major criteria--annual income, tax paid to the governmental budget, the number of national insurance payers and size of earnings and capital--based on the official statistical indicators from the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Taxation, the Customs Agency, the Social Insurance General Office, the National Statistical Office, the Financial Regulatory Commission and the General Authority for Intellectual Property and State Registration.

This year’s ceremony of the Top-100 enterprisers was special one because they were classified into five brackets in order to promote the companies’ success and leadership. The list of Top-100 enterprisers could be used for analyzing the national economic growth, its main factors, problems faced to the business environment, and also could be a valuable data to influence governmental decisions.

Following companies were included in this year’s Top-100 enterprisers:

  1. Erdenet Mining Corporation
  2. “Erdenes Tavan tolgoi” JSC
  3. Oyu Tolgoi LLC
  4. Khan Bank
  5. Energy Resources LLC
  6. "Mongoliin Alt" (MAK) LLC
  7. Trade and Development Bank
  8. Thiess Mongolia LLC
  9. NIC LLC
  10. Tavan tolgoi JSC
  11. State Bank of Mongolia
  12. APU JSC
  13. Golomt Bank
  14. Ulaanbaatar Railways JSC
  15. Xas Bank
  16. Mobicom Corporation LLC
  17. Tsairt Mineral LLC
  19. Ulaanbaatar Thermal power plant №4
  20. Wagner Asia Equipment LLC
  21. Mongolian Airlines state-run company  
  22. Nomin Tav Trade LLC
  23. Gobi Company
  24. Red path Mongolia LLC
  25. Southgobi Sands LLC
  26. Unitel LLC
  27. Electric Transmission State-owned holding company
  28. MCS Coca Cola LLC
  29. Ulaanbaatar Electric Transmission State-owned holding company
  30. Magnai Trade LLC
  31. ICIC LLC
  32. Bold Tumur Eruu Gol LLC
  33. Sod Mongol Group LLC
  34. APU Trading LLC
  35. Development Bank of Mongolia
  36. Mongolrostsvetmet LLC
  37. Shunkhlai LLC
  38. Petrostar LLC
  39. Baganuur JSC
  40. "Darkhan Metallurgical Plant" State Property Stock Company
  41. Information and Communication Networking State-owned holding company
  42. Ulaanbaatar Thermal power plant №3 State-owned holding company
  43. Spirt Bal Buram JSC
  44. Shin Shin LLC
  45. Nomin Trading LLC
  46. Erdenet-Bulgan Electric Transmission State-owned holding company
  47. Ulaanbaatar City Bank
  48. Support Services Mongolia LLC
  49. Altangadas Trade LLC
  50. Capitron Bank
  51.  Mo En Co LLC
  52.  M-Oil Group LLC
  53.  COAL LLC
  54.  Jacobs Engineering LLC
  55.  Mongol Tamkhi So LLC
  56.  Usukh Zoos LLC
  57.  Skytel LLC
  58.  Voltam LLC
  59.  Tavan Bogd LLC
  60.  SBB Trade LLC
  61.  Gem International LLC
  62.  MCS International LLC
  63.  Univision LLC
  64.  Monos Pharm Trade LLC
  65.  Transwest Mongolia LLC
  66.  Shunkhlai Trading LLC
  67.  MCS Property LLC
  68.  MCS Asia Pacific Brewery LLC
  69.  Bayan Airag Exploration LLC
  70.  Talkh chikher JSC
  71.  Songino Khangai LLC
  72.  Sky Hypermarket LLC
  73.  Altain Khuder LLC
  74.  МТ Petroleum LLC
  75. Nomun Tabak LLC
  76. Tes Petroleum LLC
  77. G-Mobile LLC
  78. Nomin Holding LLC
  79. Petrochina Daqing Tamsag Mongol LLC
  80. Monsuli LLC
  81. Electricity Distribution System of Eastern Region state-owned company
  82. Eco Construction LLC
  83. Ulaanbaatar Thermal Power Plant State-owned holding company
  84. МSМ Group LLC
  85. Premium Concrete LLC
  86. Eco Altan Zaamar LLC
  87. Total Distribution LLC
  88. Shivee-Ovoo JSC
  89. Blast LLC
  90. Oin Birj LLC
  91. Monnider LLC
  92. Mongolpolimet Group LLC
  93. Altan Joloo Trade LLC
  94. Sharyn Gol JSC
  95. Altan Taria LLC
  96. MCS Holding LLC
  97. Monos Ulaanbaatar LLC
  98. Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar Hotel LLC
  99. Tavan Bogd Foods LLC
  100. Tsakhiur LLC