GIS Database and Administration

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09/04/2020 09/17/2020

Bayan Airag Exploration LLC, a mining company conducting exploration and project development, is inviting applications for a GIS Database and Administration to work at its based in Site (Durvuljin, Zavkhan Aimag) with the roster of 20/10:

Main Duties;

- Provide support to Geology Department staff in all admin related issues;

- On Daily base work with Senior Geologists to create Geology DB on the Geobank;

- Need to digitize pit wall and floor maps from timed to time;

- Maintains budged and finacial records for submission to the Finance Department and prepares related budget and financial reports and statements. Answers queries on audited statements, invoices and repots;

- Places personnel requisitions, assists with administrative formalities related to performance evaluation of Department staff, supervises maintenance of attendance records and assists with other personnel issues in consultation with Supervisor;

- Provides briefing and guidance to new employees on general administrative matters relating to work procedures and practices and ensures administrative support as required. Coordinates with HRA Department and assists staff on matters pertaining to visas, permits and other personnel related documents in accordance with the requirements of the Company and national laws;

- Responsible for the processing of administrative formalities in relation to the Department related procurement including placement of orders for supplies and equipment, preparation of correspondence/documentation and inventory;

- Coordinates administrative support services and Department activities, including the daily transport requirements, roster and non-roster travels, Oversees the management of the filing system/record-keeping of the Department, classification of incoming and outgoing communications;

- Prepares correspondence, reports, evaluations and justifications on general administrative or specialized tasks within assigned area of responsibility.  Prepares informal translations/interpretations of documents received, as and may be required;

 - Provides administrative assistance to the Department in managing Contractors.  Contributes to the preparation of status and progress reports by collecting, maintaining and providing information, drafting communications, background material and briefing notes;

- Processes requests and monitors project/Contractors activities by reviewing a variety of records, progress reports, budgets and financial expenditures, checking manpower compliance of the Contractors and maintaining appropriate follow-up system;

- Effective use of administrative procedures within the Department, distribution of work assignments, quality of work, improvement of workflow and internal office procedures;

- Efficient actions in the event of problems associated with conformance to established guidelines and procedures;

- As instructed by Supervisor;


- Bachelor degree in Geologist with Arc Map and Data Base knowledge;

- Advanced or intermediate level of English language;

- Must be competent to use with Microsoft Office suite programs;

- At least 5 years of experience in Geologyst and GIS Database;

- Team work and good attitude;

Guideline for applications:

a) Application deadline:  17 September 2020
b) Materials for submission:

(1) Application form (available at Reception, Bayan Airag Exploration LLC or );
(2) Reference letters from previous Employers (minimum 1 references);
(3) Copies of diplomas and certificates of relevant trainings attended;
If you possess requirements, please submit above-mentioned materials to the following address:

Central Tower, 7th floor, Sukhbaatar Square–2, 8TH khoroo, Sukhbaatar District, 
Ulaanbaatar 14210, Mongolia, Tel: (976) 77116100 (1000; 2001)