Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator

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10/23/2020 11/12/2020

The objective of the Health and Safety Coordinator position is to review, coordinate occupational health and safety in all parts of production and non-production areas, identifying hazards to health and  safety of employees, assessing risk, monitoring, and preventing hazards to employees and regularly report on accidents to related department managers and supervisors and to regularly provide safety instructions and adviceassist. Also to sopport Health & Safety Manager and Supervisor in facilitating and maintaining a variety of Health & Safety measures in compliance with Health & Safety protocols and laws to assure the highest possible degree of safety for employees;


- Ensures employees are aware of (a) the legal requirements for safety; b) every known foreseeable safety hazard at the workplace; as well as (c) the Company's tools for ensuring a healthy and safe environment;

- Collaborate with the senior staff of the departments to identify, evaluate, mitigate and eliminate hazards in accidents and industrial accidents;

- Posts policies and procedures concerning Health, Safety issues;

- Carry out scheduled workplace inspections and machinery in the Company to ensure Industry Standards and send out report to related departments for corrective actions;

- All reasonable safety measures have been taken in respect to the use and/or handling of Machinery and equipment and the performance of other work;

- Ensure that proper equipment, tool, devices and required PPE are supplied to workers, maintained in good condition, and properly utilized;

- Ensure that all employees understand the importance of complying with Health and Safety regulations as well as standard working procedures;

- Ensure that all reported hazards, health and safety issues and concerns from employees are address in a timely manner and follow up on the corrective actions;

- Follows up on all Company, Health And Safety activities;

- Reports for immediate attention, threats or potential threats to the safety/health of any person in immediate charge of workers or machinery. If the situation is life threatening, shall be take immediate actions on his/her-self authority;

- Investigates any accidenUincident occurrence, as directed to him/her by Company officials and submits reports in writing to the Health and Safety Manager;

- Assists supervisors in completing AccidenUlncident Report and ensure copies are forwarded to management;

- Ensure that all inspection/ reports are submitted in timely manner and follow up on corrective actions on reports and issues raised regarding Health and Safety

- Reports Health and Safety hazards and deficiencies to his/ her Supervisor;

- Applies safe practices towards self, colleagues, the public and the environment;

- Ensure that 24/7 access to emergency call utilizing radio and cell phones;

- Always strive to improve on company health safety matters and minimize the occupational hazards;

- If necessary, carry out health and safety trainings and meeting among employees after consulting with the related department managers and supervisors;

- Ensure that all safety signs and posters placed accordance with company policy and procedures nd legal standards;

- To assist each department supervisor to carry out work place health and safety risk assessment once a year and ensure that the risk assessment is properly completed;


- Bachelor’s degree i safety management or related field preferred; or equivalent experience in progressively responsible Health  Safety position; or an equivalent combination sufficient to perform essential functions of this position;

- Basic understanding of Health, Safety & Environmental systems and regulations;

- 1 - 3 years of experience as Safety Coordinator and demonstrated experience in mining and/or construction;

- English language proficiency both written and verbal;

- Good computer skill –Windows Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Guideline for applications:

a) Application deadline:  12 November 2020
b) Materials for submission:

(1) Application form (available at Reception, Bayan Airag Exploration LLC or );
(2) Reference letters from previous Employers (minimum 1 references);
(3) Copies of diplomas and certificates of relevant trainings attended;
If you possess requirements, please submit above-mentioned materials to the following address:

Central Tower, 7th floor, Sukhbaatar Square–2, 8TH khoroo, Sukhbaatar District, 
Ulaanbaatar 14210, Mongolia, Tel: (976) 77116100 (1000; 2001)