OHS Supervisor

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09/07/2022 10/06/2022

Duties and responsibilites: 

  • To develop annual working plans to modify the measure of occupational safety and hygiene;
  • Investigate industrial accidents, near miss, property damages on the scene and minimize accidents;

  • Implement the Occupational Health and Safety management system and monitor its implementation and results;

  • Take measures and analyses on the implementation of occupational safety and hygiene legal requirements, standards and occupational safety and hygiene rules and procedures of the company and eliminate any breaches and violations;
  • To submit to employers an account of imposing sanctions on supervisors, managers and employees who violate the occupational safety and hygiene and standards, rules and regulations;
  • In case of adverse conditions in human life and health during the production process, immediately stop the operation and inform the relevant person and take prompt remedial action;

  • To acquire the necessary knowledge of occupational safety and hygiene, to seek, learn and study the new laws and regulations;

  • To keep records of industrial accidents, acute poisoning and occupational diseases and report to relevant authorities

Qualifications and requirements: 

  • Bachelor's degree in safety management or related field preferred; or equivalent experience in progressively responsible Health Safety position; or an equivalent combination sufficient to perform essential funstions of this position;
  • 1-3 years of experience as Safety Coordinator and demonstrated experience in mining and/or construction;
  • English language proficiency both written and verbal;
  • Basic understanding of Health, Safety & Environmental systems and regulations;
  • Express oneself clearly in conversations and interactions with others;

If you possess above qualifications, please submit following materials with a photo by email to hr@bayanairag.com; 

Materials for submission:

  • Application form (available from Reception, Bayan Airag Exploration LLC)  
  • Copies of diplomas and certificates
  • Bring 1 copy of potrait photo

Application deadline: 7 October 2022

Materials submission address: Central Tower, 7th floor, Sukhbaatar Square – 2, 8th khoroo, Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar 14210, P.O.Box – 19, Mongolia