Heavy Duty Mechanic (Lead)

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08/07/2023 08/18/2023

Duties and responsibilities:

  1. Analyze heavy duty trucks and equipment computer-related systems for purpose of diagnosing computer system component and providing needed repairs;

  2. Diagnose mechanical defects on heavy duty truck and equipment for the purpose of determining needed repairs and/or replacements;

  3. Fabricate braces, fittings and parts for the purpose of providing repair or retrofit parts;

  4. Maintain shop area, tools and equipment for the purpose of ensuring availability and proper functioning of equipment;

  5. Assist ordering of parts and heavy duty truck and equipment for the purpose of ensuring the availability of items as needed;

  6. Perform minor body repairs for the purpose of maintaining appearance and safe operation of the heavy duty trucks and equipment;

  7. Follow site safety rules and regulations;



  1. Mechanical engineering background or relevant training
  2. Hold a valid Mongolian national “B” and “ C” classes driver’s license

B. Experience

  1. 2 or more years of working experience in mining industrial/related field is preferred

C. Skills

  1. Good mechanical knowledge of machines, tools including their general specification, designs, uses, repair and maintenance
  2. Good fundamentals knowledge of engine, power train, hydraulics, air conditioning, fueling system and auto electrical
  3. Proper knowledge of contamination and skill to preform good oil sampling Бохирдолын талаар зөв ойлголттой, тосны дээж зөв авах чадвартай
  4. Excellent problem solving skills
  5. Excellent verbal communication skills
  6. Self-motivated to improve own knowledge and continuously developing himself. Must be safety orientated.
  7. Excellent organizational skills
  8. Have an ability to understand MSDS.
  9. Basic knowledge of technical English

Interested candidates please apply to recruit@bayanairag.com 

Contact details: 976-77116100, 2004, 976-89192078