Power House Technician

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08/07/2023 08/18/2023

Duties and responsibilities:


  1. Keep daily log book of power house performance;
  2. Record power outages and specific problems of generators;
  3. Monitor generators and organize services and schedules;
  4. Report generator faults to the direct supervisor immediately;
  5. Ensure diesel supplies are maintained;
  6. Use diagnostic equipment to locate electrical and electronic problems of generators;
  7. Replace defective parts or systems for the purpose of ensuring the availability of generator in safe operating condition;
  8. Respond to emergency calls for the purpose of resolving immediate safe concerns;



  1. Bachelor degree in electrical engineering with valid high voltage certification
  2. Hold a valid Mongolian national “B” class driver’s license

B. Experience

  1. 2 or more years of working experience in related field 

C. Skills

  1. Specialized knowledge to analyze and solve with generators complex problems
  2. Excellent knowledge of electrical, air intake / exhaust system, fuel system and engine
  3. Good skill to analyze failure
  4. Excellent problem solving skills
  5. Excellent verbal communication skills
  6. Self-motivated to improve own knowledge and continuously developing himself. Must be safety orientated.
  7. Excellent organizational skills
  8. Have an ability to understand MSDS.

Interested candidates please apply to recruit@bayanairag.com 

Contact details: 976-77116100, 2004, 976-89192078