Graduate Metallurgist

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02/01/2023 02/28/2023

Duties and responsibilities:

  1. Metallurgy records and reports- Collect production data and prepare for the reports.
  2. Control the use of chemicals and record logging
  3. Consolidate and measure measurements on each shift section.
  4. Laboratory Operations - Provide support for the provision of productivity.
  5. Metallurgical experiments - Perform experiments and describe the optimum technological conditions and report the results.
  6. Provide information for operators adsorption, coal recovery and reagent plants
  7. Continuous Improvement – look for improvements in metallurgical efficiency, production increases and cost control.
  8. Promote safety awareness, particularly chemical handling.



  1. Degree in Metallurgy or Chemistry 

B. Experience

  1. Made a speech or essay on processing of oxide gold ore, preferably diploma dissertation, or interned in the field of gold processing

C. Skills

  1. Able to mobilize own resources, and able to lead and organize

  2. Good knowledge of spoken and written English

  3. Computer skills - Windows Word, Excel, PowerPoint, stores and maintenance planning software, PLC software. 


Interested candidates please apply to 

Contact details: 976-77116100, 2004, 976-89192078