Processing Operator (Heap Leach)

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01/23/2023 01/31/2023

Duties and responsibilities: 

  1. To know well and adhere during work implementation to all safety and technological procedures valid for heap leach pad.

  2. Learn to operate all HDPE pipe and liner welding machines and equipment and train to handle these equipment and tools properly in safe manner.

  3. Ensure proper safe leach operation at all times according to modus specified in leach balance table.

  4. Prepare cells for leaching, install and maintain irrigation system, ensure full and continuous leach, detect and fix any failure, sprays, leaks and other faults.

  5. Processing operator may also implement other works assigned by respective supervisor at crusher, processing plant and other areas found appropriate by supervisor according all Mongolian and Safety laws, regulation, BAE LLC procedures and regulation and respective SOP/SWP training. 

  6. Will work at crusher, heap leach, plant and other parts as it’s required and will carry out his/her task under supervisor’s supervision only after if he/she has received appropriate training and task that is within his or her work skill.   


  1. At least, secondary education diploma or professional certificates preferred.
  2. Need to have skills to operate mobile, stationary equipment and electric and other tools safely.
  3. If any special and/or trade permit/license/training will be required for job it shall be obtained ASAP after consultation with HR and Safety Training departments. 

Interested candidates please apply to 

Contact details: 976-77116100, 2004, 976-89192078