Heavy Duty Equipment Operator (Overhaul truck)

Open date Close date
02/01/2023 02/28/2023

Duties and responsibilities: 

  1. Take full responsibility for the equipment safety and house keeping

  2. Handover of shift works, ensure if the equipments are in good condition and check it whether it works properly or not when start to work in advance or hand over shift works, fill out pre-start check list

  3. Fill work sheet, production sheet and other papers appropriately for each move

  4. Take full responsibility for the traffic safety and follow site traffic rules

  5. Strictly follow the Camp and Company Safety Regulations

  6. Report all Accidents, Incidents and/or hazards immediately

  7. To adhere strictly to occupational health and safety requirements, standards, rules and technical procedures;


  1. Graduated from high school /postsecondary education is preferred/ and has a mechanical aptitude

  2. Has a valid driver's license, B C and M class

  3. Good mechanical knowledge of machines, tools including their general specification, designs, uses, repair and maintenance.

  4. Good problem solving skills

  5. Mechanical experience preferred

Interested candidates please apply to recruit@bayanairag.com 

Contact details: 976-77116100, 2004, 976-89192078