Health, Safety and Training

Health, Safety and Training Department

The objective of the Health, Safety, Training and Security Department is to provide the resources to keep the workforce safe, leading Company’s efforts to develop a culture of safety.   

Typical Safety activities include developing programs and providing training to the workforce.  Training that employees attend revolve around agreed procedures, and ensuring that workers understand and work in accordance with the Company’s safety philosophy.  Inspections, hazard identification, non-compliance reporting, safety observations, and incident investigation are routine activities of department personnel.

Employees of the department are given access to training, both in-house and externally, that will give them the skills to lead the Company’s safety efforts.  

The remoteness of the BA Golden Hills Project site necessitates ability of the Company to respond to emergencies swiftly and effectively.  An Emergency Response Team (ERT) has been developed which learns specialist skills such as fire rescue and first aid.  More advanced training that includes specialized rescue, rope work, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials and ground search and rescue. The Department is equipped with modern safety and rescue equipment, including fire trucks and extrication tools.



A full-time ERT of 12 trainees from two local soums has been established.  The team is trained in emergency response techniques to protect lives and property.  Skills and experience gained at BA can become the foundation for further development of formal ERT capabilities in soums.

Health services at the Golden Hills Project are managed by a contractor who provides a full-time doctor and nurse at the BA Clinic.  The clinic provides first aid as well as medical, health and well-being services for employees. 

Site security is managed by a private contractor with a permanent presence at the mine.