Company profile

Bayan Airag Exploration LLC is a junior exploration and mining company establishing its first mine, the first mine anywhere in Zavkhan aimag, western of Mongolia. It is currently transitioning from exploration to end of construction, and is expected to produce first gold and silver in 2014.

The first phase of mining will be open cut, using a fleet of more than 60 pieces of heavy mining equipment.  Ore is crushed, heap leached, and gold extracted.

The implementation of GHP has already brought highly recognizable benefits and growth to the local community and such impact will only intensify with the future developments and ongoing training throughout the life of the mine.

BA is committed to ongoing exploration and believes in further discoveries on the lease.  We intend to grow the business through successful development of the current project, while pursuing other mining development opportunities in Mongolia and elsewhere. 

Head Office

Head Office of the Company is located in Ulaanbaatar, capital city of Mongolia, providing functional support to GHP site with staff of about 50.

Golden Hills Project Site


GHP Site is located in Durvuljin soum of Zavkhan aimag, in the North-Western part of Mongolia, approximately 1,250 km to the west of Ulaanbaatar city.

The mining lease area is located at approximately 20 km distance to the north of Durvuljin soum center, in the semi-desert zone of the Great Lake Lowlands of Western Mongolia.

License area belongs to western outskirts of Khangai mountain, with elevations ranging between 1,500 and 2,100 meters above sea level.



Project area is hot in summer season and very cold winter, with very low precipitation all the year around. In summer, it may become hot up to +40°C and in winter cold up to -40°C. In a semi-desert area of the project dust storms are regular during summer and snow storms during winter.Travel to GHP Site

Road travel - 1,250 km road from Ulaanbaatar city to GHP site is mostly unpaved.

Air travel - Hunnu Air airline operates scheduled domestic flights from Ulaanbaatar city to Donoi airport of Uliastai city, Zavkhan province. After 2-hour flight from UB to Donoi airport, residents and guests of GHP have to drive for about 2.5-hour by car to arrive at project site. GHP Site Camp

GHP site camp was established in accordance with International and Mongolian construction standards and norms, providing safe, healthy and comfortable environment to all its residents and guests. Residential camp area comprises accommodations, dining hall, recreational facilities, ablution blocks, laundry and other common necessary facilities.  An Operational area contains office premises, clinic, warehouse, parking area, maintenance workshop, guard huts and so on.