Community Relations

Community Relations


The Community Relations Department is responsible for the external affairs function of the Company.  Thirteen people work in this group which has representation at the project site, in Ulaanbaatar, Uliastai, Durvuljin and Erdenekhairkhan.

The Department liaises with government officers on issues of permitting and licensing for the operations and ensuring compliance with prevailing legislation at all regulatory levels. The Department is the bridge between the Company and the communities we are part of.

We actively engage community stakeholders in regards to social responsibility.  Some of our community development initiatives undertaken to date include:  Support for education by providing scholarships for high school students, funding specialized teacher training, and general support for schools in the soums.

BA encourages small and medium enterprises in soums, and has for past two years assisted local communities to grow vegetables and bake bread, both of which are bought for consumption at the operations site.   

A sewing workshop is now established in Durvuljin soum, as well as a processing plant for locally collected Sea Buckthorn berries.   Livestock is produced with assistance from the Company in two projects namely: chickens at Durvuljin, and cattle in Erdenekhairkhan.

We have sponsored several cultural programs in Durvuljin by furnishing the local culture research center, and arranged trips of several prominent Mongolian and Tibetan monks to the mine area.  

To promote sport and health, BA has supported a number of sportsmen, including international wrestling champion B.Oyunsuren, power-lifter Delgerkhishig, and national judo champion Ser – Od.

In 2013 we celebrated Children’s Day in Durvuljin and Erdendkhairkhan with sports festivals, and further engaged school students with donations of vegetables and establishment of school gardens.