Logistics and Procurement Department

Bayan Airag strives to buy goods locally wherever possible, but given the specialized nature of materials used to build and run a mine, a significant proportion must be brought to site from further afield.  Our main transportation equipment is truck. We have 3 routes to transport.

Northern road 1250 km: Ulaanbaatar – Khar Khorin – Ikh uul – Uliastai – BA site

Southern road 1350 km: Ulaanbaatar – Arvaikheer – Altai hot- Taishir sum - BA site

Southern road via GMD border: Gashuun sukhait- Tsogt ovoo- Khairkhan dulaan sum - Altai hot- Taishir sum - BA site.

As there are few formed roads and little infrastructure in this part of the country, bringing goods to site in a timely manner is a constant challenge for the LPD, particularly in winter when heavy snow blocks roadsand frequent stuck in sand while during summer time we face muddy and slippery road, mountain passes and bridges get closed, , river flood,  etc. 

To   provide better and prompt service to our project  LPD staff works both at GHP site and UB office  as well as at UB warehouse.