Human Resources


We, at Bayan Airag Exploration LLC strive to be the leader in the mining industry by applying environmentally friendly and socially responsible technology and practices into our operation as well as protecting national heritage, culture, values and providing continues support to local community by keeping up sustainable growth in our business.


Social Responsibility

We comply with all international standards and Mongolian laws, regulations in our daily operation and support growth of Mongolian and regional economy as well as human sustainable development.

National Cultural Heritage and Environment

We respect our national history, cultural heritage and shall realize such projects that would preserve and protect them forever thus inheriting to the next generations. To introduce environmentally friendly modern technology and techniques and promote international best practices into our operation.                 

Our Employees

We value our employees, thus always support and encourage their team work, creative and enthusiastic approach by considering and promoting their constant growth and progress, knowledge and education as well as regarding multilateral cultural interactions.  

We, as employees strive to develop skills and personalities in ourselves such as:

  • Positive attitude
    • Has an aspiration to overfulfill tasks and duties
    • Good self-organized skill
    • Accountability
    • Punctuality, accomplish jobs on time
  • Health and Safety oriented
    • Has concern on own and others’ health and safety at work place
    • Critical thinking
    • Value environmentally friendly operation  
  • Professionalism, be a team player
    • Prioritize ethics
    • Well disciplined 
    • Being responsible
    • Strive to self-develop and improve self-performance  
    • Be a leader in accomplishing own and team goal 
    • Supports, listens to, respects and leads own team
    • Has good communication skills
  • Loayly and honesty
    • Self-directed performer  
    • Follows rules and procedures
    • Good understanding of the Company mission and values
    • Creative thinking


As of February 01, 2019 there are 403 employees working at Bayan Airag mine site and 24 employees work at UB office currently out of totally 458 employees that Bayan Airag Exploration LLC’s planned to have in 2019 as per Executive Director’s decree #2019-A-01 dated January 4, 2019.

Moreover, BAE has experienced expatriates from Australia, USA, Canada, Thailand and other Asian countries to introduce international best practices into implementation of the project and to train and mentor national personnel.

Human Resources data as of January 31, 2019 is: 

  • 261 employees equal to 61% of total number of employees hired from Zavkhan province
  • 157 employees equal to 37% of total number of employees hired from Ulaanbaatar
  • 9 expatriates are equal to 2% of total number of employees.


Selection process:

Those candidates who meet position requirements and criteria shall be involved in selection process and the process shall have following steps such as:

  1. Evaluation of application forms and supporting documents:
  • Fill out Bayan Airag Exploration LLC Job Application Form and send to … email address or bring to the offices together with necessary supporting documents.    
  1. Initial interview:
  • Candidate who meets position requirements and criteria, whose supporting documents are complete shall be invited for an initial interview.
  1. Written test:
  • Written test shall be taken depending on the nature of certain position and the candidate completed this step shall be invited for the next interview.
  1. Final interview:
  • Candidate who completed and passed previous steps shall be invited for final interview and ensures all necessary documents are complete.

Recruiting procedure:

  1. Pre-employment Medical check up – Candidate who successfully completed all selection steps and accepted salary offer shall go through pre-employment medical check-up at the medical institution selected by the Company.
  2. Employment Agreement – Employment or Service Agreement shall be made based on mutual acceptance of agreement terms and conditions by both parties.
  3. Orientation:
  • Company introduction/briefing session
  • Introduction and confirmation of Job description
  • Safety, security, environment and residency inductions at mine site are compulsory
  • Daily work place orientation/inductions by position owning Department  






Training and Development
Training and Development

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